Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Modern Anti-Virus Decisions

Presently the high-speed Internet even more often there is a question on safety of the data. Malefactors do not doze, creating new refined kinds of viruses which are capable to steal passwords to your profiles in social networks and to other important services. Therefore it is extremely necessary to install the anti-virus program for prevention of similar attacks on the computer. The wave of banners and SMS-EXTORTIONERS which at all has swept so a long time on the Internet, has forced many people to approach to protection of the computer thoroughly. In given article I will spend the review of the most popular anti-virus decisions, and also I will try to reveal pluses and software minuses. Packages together with applied firm firewall as standard, built in system, does not consult with the duties at demanded level will undergo to the analysis mainly. So, we will start.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Site: http://www.kaspersky.ru
Cost: $60

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - perhaps, the most known Russian anti-virus package. The new version has got the improved algorithms of scanning and check "hurriedly". Has not avoided this program and a new feature of "cloudy technologies┬╗ which constantly traces occurrence of last virus threats. Possesses modules of an antispam and phishing. The interface convenient enough, is clear even to the novice user. There are additions for check of sites on the basis of reputation. Unfortunately, old illness of the given manufacturer remained and this time is strong enough consumption of system resources. So to owners of weak personal computers will be enough. There is a possibility to create a disk for restoration of system after attacks. In the rest it, as well as always, one of the best antiviruses in the world with operatively updated bases. Thin adjustment almost does not demand, as they say, works directly from a box. If you don't have money to buy this program, you can can get serial numbers here  - free serial keys, keygens and cracks.


  1. High level of protection;
  2. The powerful network screen and firewall
  3. Operative updating of bases;
  4. The "cloudy" technologies of updatings tracing threats worldwide;
  5. The parental control and an antibanner.

  1. High consumption of system resources.

Dr. Web 7.0

site: http://drweb.com/
Cost: $48

Dr. Web 7.0 - oldest of anti-virus decisions to Russia and one of the most popular in the country. Possesses excellent scan, optimised for multinuclear processors. Under the statement of developers has the best technology of treatment of active infection of the computer. The technology of blocking allows to struggle with unknown threats. It is capable to check archives of any degree of an investment. Unfortunately, the fireproof wall of the program demands thin adjustment that creates additional difficulties for the novice user. The interface is very simple, without any excesses. It is felt, that the company is guided by the old clients that explains unwillingness seriously more to change registration of the program throughout many years. Summing up, the given anti-virus package is one of the best among domestic decisions. If you want to get serial number for this program, visit this site to learn more.

  1. Good level of protection;
  2. Support of set of versions of operational systems;
  3. The best technology of treatment of active infection;
  4. Ability to be established even on the infected computer.
  1. Modest design of the interface;
  2. To the novice user will uneasy understand fireproof wall options;
  3. The antispam module does not enter into a standard package.